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Fly a military aircraft!

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Unforgettable experience

In Sion, in the heart of French-speaking Switzerland, board our L-39 for an experience full of emotions.

The Jetswissflying association is made up of professional pilots and offers you to discover unexpected sensations on board a military training aircraft. See the Alps upside down, descend sumptuous glaciers and see the most beautiful summits up close, everything is possible!

Whether it is to mark an event, birthday, bachelor party, promotion, or simply to make an old dream come true, treat yourself to an aerial baptism in a two-seater jet fighter plane. It's an L39 Albatross that James Bond pilots in "Tomorrow Never Dies"!

In compliance with all applicable safety standards, we will perform tight turns, loops, rolls and rollovers. You will be in constant contact with the pilot and, if all goes well, he may even let you take the controls for a few moments!

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Raphael, pilot

Through valleys, glaciers, clouds and rocks, a magical flight which brings back into perspective the whole aspect of third dimension.

Suzanne, daughter of a pilot

BEST EXPERIENCE EVER! Dad, I now grasp your infinite love for  the airs.


Edi, retired

Alpine flying in all its splendour...

I had the chance to take over the controls for a while: a kids dream come true.

Anita, florist

Leo you love what you do, you put all your soul and devotion into it.

It's a true PASSION! Gopro images are breathtaking, allowing me to live this experience over and over