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We will make your dream come true!

Our L-39 is based in Sion. Our team will plan with you our meeting and will provide some backup dates for this extraordinary experience.

From discovery flights to aerobatics to travel and demonstration flights, we are here to share our passion with you.

Here is a typical L-39 day:

– Meeting with the pilots at Sion airport

– Weather and NOTAM study

– Full briefing on the L-39 and ejector seat.

– Getting ready: flight suit and helmet on.

– Briefing in the cockpit.

– Let’s go flying!

– “verre de  l’amitié “, champagne and pictures with the plane and the team.

– You will receive in person your flight certificate, the memory card of your flight and a little gift

Here are some examples of beautiful flights and their respective length and price


L39 petit circuit


Condensed pleasure

Sion-Eiger-Glacier d’Aletsch-Cervin-Glacier d’Otemma-Verbier-Dents du Midi-Sion. Duration about 30 Minutes block time, with aerobatic in front of the Cervin. Price 4050chf (VAT included)

Video included!


Le grand tour

Sion-Glacier des Diablerets-Dents du Midi-Grammont-Geneva lake- Eiger-Aletsch-Cervin-Ottema glacier-Verbier-Sion . Duration about 45 Minutes block time, aerobatic manoeuvres. Price 5750chf (VAT included)

Video included!

Événements à venir

Some frequently asked questions:



Are there physiological limits for performing an L-39 flight?

Yes. The maximum height is 195cm, and the maximum weight is 105kgs. The minimum age is 14 years old with parental consent. On the other hand, back problems and serious heart problems require a doctor's advice.

When is the best time to fly?

We fly all year round. It is impossible to define a favorite season, the alpine landscape being magnificent at all times. Autumn charms us with the variation of colors, winter the air is very calm and the plane performs better thanks to the cold, spring offers a stunning contrast between snow-covered glaciers and forests already green, and summer cumulus clouds which are pleasant playmates.

What happens if the weather is bad?

Three to five days before the flight we will call you with a weather decision. We therefore advise you to wait for this decision to book any accommodation in the region, because we want this experience to be unforgettable so we never hesitate to postpone in case of whims of the sky. If this should unfortunately be the case, we will immediately suggest several postponement dates.

How to prepare optimally for this experience?


A light snack two hours before the flight is recommended. The empty stomach is to be avoided, your sugar level should be high enough. Bring clothes suitable for the weather, and shoes that hold well on the feet. We will provide you with a flight suit as well as a military pilot's helmet.

Can I come along?

Yes, it is even recommended! A large briefing room is available to us at Sion airport, your companions can also go to the plane during your installation to take pictures.

A terrace overlooks the airport and will allow them to see your take off and landing.

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