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Aerovodochody L-39C

The L-39 Albatros is a military training aircraft built by the Czechoslovak firm Aero Vodochody, which succeeded the Aero L-29 Delfin as the standard training aircraft for Warsaw Pact forces.


Although the end of the Soviet Union caused sales of this aircraft, with its L-59 and L-139 derivatives, to fall by more than 80%, it remained the most widespread jet trainer in the world at the beginning of 2006. It has also become a popular warbird.

An ideal machine for learning formation flying, military aerobatics and instrument flying, it has conquered many countries both in terms of reliability and performance.

The splendid vision in the back seat makes it also an attractive aircraft to discover our alpine landscapes.


Le L-39: À propos




Wingspan 9.46 m
Overall length 12.13 m
Height 4.77 m

Max take-off weight 4700 kg
Empty weight 3500 kg


Cruise speed 750 km/h
Max rate of climb 4500ft/min
Endurance max 150 min
Normal range 1100 km


Max positive g +8.0 g
Max negative g -4.0 g
Max operating speed 950km/h or Mach 0.8

Le L-39: À propos
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