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Our partners


Our alpine turboprop deal

Based in Lausanne, our PC7 will be able to make you discover the beauty of aerobatics in the Alps aboard a Swiss military aircraft, at an affordable price.

Baltic Bees Jet Team

The famous Latvian team

Well known to the public, this team consisting of 6 L-39 takes part in airshows around the world. Their professionalism and agility have made their reputation. Our Swiss operation stems from a fruitful partnership with their team.


An accessible dream

Pilotesuisse is a platform for enthusiasts and aviation professionals.

Founded in 2013, Pilotesuisse is responsible for informing and organizing discovery days for young people aspiring to professional aviation.

Safety - Innovation - Style

Custom Flight Helmets' unique helmets and flight equipment push the limits of style, material and quality to an unprecedented level. Their skills combined with first quality materials offer a unique product

Custom Flight Helmets

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