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For your pleasure and safety

L'équipe: L'équipe


Pilote et co-président Jetswissflying Association

I started flying at the age of 15 as a glider pilot, then at age 17 I started my license of motorized flight in the Sion Aviation Club.

I completed my training as a professional pilot at the Air-Espace School in Lausanne where I now work as an instructor for the theoretical courses.

I currently work as a Commander on A319/320 and am also flight instructor.

During my free time, I perform aerobatic flights on Bücker and Extra200 as well as private flights on Antonov AN-2 and PC-7.

I hope to have the opportunity to fly with you soon!



Pilote et co-président Jetswissflying Association

Proud father of 4 girls and pilot in my (free) time, I am currently Commander on Airbus A320 and have about 14’000 flight hours.

I have also flown on Saab 2000, Boeing 737, and for my pleasure on Extra 200, Antonov 2, Super Decathlon and others.

I completed my training thanks to the Preparatory Aeronautics Instruction (now SPHAIR) and the Swissair School.

A passion for skydiving for the last 20 years has allowed me to play with the sky in a new way.

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